XI Training has a proud history of providing and inspecting PPE in the UK and internationally and provide a range of inspection and management services aided by asset management software and experienced inspectors.


The services that XI Training provides are designed to comply with the 2009 HSE Standards for PPE and 1992 PPE equipment at work Regulations. 

In addition to this, XI has invested in a well-stocked on-site shop and an online ordering facility – featuring a number of the most popular brands – to make sure you have the products and replacement items that you need, when you want them.




XI Training’s HSE compliant service provides clients with a professional and thorough PPE inspection facility. Each inspection is provided with 

A certificate to prove the PPE has been inspected which will detail:

  • Each item of PPE
  • The item’s next inspection date
  • The item’s expiry date for industrial use

PPE Compliance
The products and services that XI Training provide are designed to comply with the 2009 HSE Standards for PPE and 1992 PPE Equipment at Work Regulations.

  • PPE Inspection
  • PPE Shop: In real life and online
  • Manufacturers / brands
  • Understanding PPE
  • PPE Inspection service workflow
  • PPE selection
  • Legislation relevant to PPE inspection
  • Equipment inspection techniques
  • Inspection record keeping procedures
  • On-site shop
  • Equipment care
  • at our purpose built training
  • facility in Carnforth,
  • Lancashire
  • PPE storage
  • PPE Disposal

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide excellent service, knowledgeable technical advice on all of our equipment. By being totally independent we can offer you the perfect equipment so suit your requirements.

PPE Inspection Report

The aim of our PPE service is to provide you with a quick stand alone, non-committal service for the inspection of PPE under the 2009 HSE standards for PPE and 19992 PPE Equipment at Work Regulations.

All inspected items are accompanied with a one off inspection report. Within the report you'll be able to ascertain what each items' expiry dates for renewable inspections are, as well as which items are coming to the end of their usable life-cycle in accordance with the manufacturers' guidance.

An effective maintenance programme will make equipment more reliable as well as having the cost benefits of better productivity and efficiency.