The Aim of the Bronze PPE service is to provide individuals with a quick and stand-alone, non-committal service for the inspection of PPE under the 2009 HSE Standards for PPE and 1992 PPE equipment at work Regs. PPE will be inspected and a one off report will be provided which details the items that have been inspect  and their next inspection due date, as well as the item description and manufacturers end of life expiry date for use.

Any PPE can be inspected and clients are not required to commit to a service period. Clients have the option to allow Xi Training to manage the replacement of expired / damaged PPE items on a one off basis. The service provides the benefit of ensuring clients hold full compliance with legislative regulations regarding the safe use of PPE and safety systems.

PPE Inspection Report

All inspected items will be accompanied with an up to date, one off inspection report. Within the report, you will be able to ascertain what each items’ expiry dates for renewable inspections are, as well as which items are coming to the end of their useable life-cycle in accordance with the manufacturers guidance.

PPE report replacements

With the Bronze PPE service, individuals will have access to replacement PPE certificates of inspection at a charge of £5 for electronic copies and £10 for hard, posted copies. Our service accounts for increased legislative interest in ensuring all PPE in use within an organisation is inspected, accounted for and more importantly is safe to use.

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