The Aim of the Gold PPE service is to provide clients with a more thorough service for inspecting PPE under the 2009 HSE Standards for PPE and 1992 PPE equipment at work Regs. PPE will be inspected, individually logged, allocated on our PPE management system and custom reporting will be available on reasonable request.

Any PPE can be inspected and clients are not required to commit to a service period. Clients have the option to allow Xi Training to manage the replacement of expired / damaged PPE items. The service provides the benefit of ensuring clients hold full compliance with legislative regulations regarding the safe use of PPE and safety systems.

Tailored PPE Solution

The PPE services that Xi Training offer to clients can be fully tailored to fit the needs of the organisation, work industry, PPE type and PPE volume. Once the Gold PPE inspection service is implemented clients will be able to request a limited range of PPE reports based on company specifics such as allocated PPE to employees or kit numbers.

Total PPE Supply and Management

Optional for the Gold PPE service, for PPE that has come to the end of its useable life, Xi Training can manage the full and appropriate replacement of PPE on the clients behalf. This includes managing the purchase of PPE from the various suppliers of PPE, taking delivery of the kit, repackaging the PPE as required, logging the equipment and allocating it against an owner/employee on the PPE management system, reporting for the new kit in summary for the kit owner, and coordinating the delivery of new PPE back to the client.

As a result of implementing the PPE Management Gold Service, clients can drastically reduce / improve administration, reporting and costing of the whole process of allocating PPE without committing to long term PPE management arrangements. Our service accounts for increased legislative interest in ensuring all PPE in use within an organisation is inspected, accounted for and more importantly is safe to use.

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