Fixed Ladder Access and Rescue


1.0 Days

Course Code


Course Requirements


Ratio of Trainers to Trainees

1 to 6



This training course provides both theoretical and practical training required for persons who are required to access Water towers, rooftops, flat roofs and structures via fixed ladders greater than 2.5m.

This course provides both theoretical and practical training required for persons who are required to access rooftops and flat roofs via fixed ladders greater than 2.5m.
Delegates will be taught both safety access and rescue techniques using standard or delegate specific fall arrest systems.

  • A look at the aims of rope access, equipment used and practical training in ascent/descent.
  • Looking at rope set ups and knot work.
  • Component parts of Rescue system lowering and personal evacuation sets
  • Correct use of anchors and anchor point selection
  • Use of fall arrest system Latchway  Etc
  • Set up temporary fall arrest systems
  • Lanyard technique
  • Rescue considerations
  • Public protection
  • Health and safety at work (Regulations)
  • Accident statistics
  • Risk Assessments and method statements
  • Tool box talks
  • PPE regulations and management
  • Pre use inspection of fall arrest and work positioning systems.
  • Correct wearing and fitting (Buddy checks)
  • Component parts of a Ladder fall arrest system
  • Component parts of Fall arrest and work positioning

Assessed on
  • Describe the methods of risk assessing the working environment prior to commencement of work
  • Describe pre and post operation inspection of ladders
  • Demonstrate correct selection of ladders for the type of work to be carried out
  • Demonstrate the ability to position and erect both extension and roof ladders in safe and protected environment
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and use suitable personal protective equipment when accessing work sites via ladders
  • Describe the procedure for reporting accidents

Outdoor clothing suitable for time of year. Climbing PPE kit is provided by Xi Training. If you prefer to use your own PPE, please bring along inspection records

If you would like to take the course of a date not shown please get in touch to organise a training day to suit your company.

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