XI Training is pleased to announce that its RF Hazard Awareness e-Learning course is now available online and is accepted as part of the suite of courses enabling access to Arqiva sites. 

Where there is risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields in the workplace, managers and employees alike are required to be aware of the hazards and risks connected with Radio Frequency in the workplace - with XI’s easy to understand interactive course module, this is now easier than ever.

Barry McLeod, Marketing Manager at XI Training says, “With a flexible learning agenda, delegates can conduct their training at home and reduce the number of lost working days – and the user experience is intuitive and simple to use. We do stress however, that all candidates must have attended the classroom based RF Hazard Awareness course in the first instance and that this e-learning option is for course/ certificate revalidation only.”


Course Objectives & Content

The course requires interaction with end of module tests; it also provides immediate certification upon successful completion. The training highlights how RF is propagated, the possible health effects on the human body and how RF can be measured and controlled via safe access procedures and practical scenarios.

  • The system allows you to complete the course at your own pace and duration - quality learning anywhere any time
  • The course explains in detail the risks involved and the permissible exposure levels to employees and others
  • It will assist you/ your organisation to protect employees and others from exposure to electromagnetic fields in the workplace.
  • The course meets the general requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and is accepted by Arqiva as part of their site access training requirements

How Does it Work

The course can be taken online in your own time and you’ll receive your certificate once you successfully pass. Registering on and accessing the course could not be simpler; all you need is a licence code to begin and XI Training accept payment via MasterCard or VISA (including Debit Cards).

Licence codes can be purchased individually or by companies in bulk in order to distribute to their employees - there is no limit to the number of licences you can purchase although a licence code can only be used once.

Brand new literature is available to download and you can access the course here.

For further information contact Marcia or Sue, either of whom would be delighted to take your call – 01524 736 510.


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